Enid Symphony Association

2020 Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 25, 2020

7:00 pm CST

via ZOOM


All 2019-2020 ESO Season Subscribers are invited to attend as voting members of the Association.


Please email enidsymphony@aol.com to receive ZOOM login information.



Call to Order    

2019-2020 Financial Report

Music and Executive Director Report


     ESA Board Class of 2023                           ESA Officers 2020-2021


  Kegan Tuohy                    Kegan Tuohy, President

         Lyn Murphy                    Roger Wiles, Vice-President

Eddie Lou Strimple       Tina Ruding, Secretary

  Will Gungoll               David Hume, Treasurer

Sheri Ingham


        Kim O’Neil – to fill Vacancy in Class of 2021    

        Derek Silas – to fill a Vacancy in the Class of 2021

Returning ESA Board Members

Class of 2021                        Class of 2022

Melody Isbell                        Fawn Lamb        

Linda Pickens                        Mary McDonald

Tina Ruding                        Michael Rickman

                             Jenny Smithson

                            Roger Wiles


Immediate Past President    David Hume

ESO Auxiliary Representative    Ruth Dobbs